Transparency overview

When you volunteer through Think Volunteer you will pay program costs. These are one-off costs. The amount of program costs varies per program. The projects in collaboration with Think Volunteer cannot contribute financially to transport, accommodation and meal costs. These costs are for your own account. We are convinced that a volunteer should not pay for voluntary work itself. Honest projects and prizes are important to us. Volunteering is a good initiative and should not be bothered by paying a lot of money.
Think Volunteer is not receiving donations and depends on the contribution of volunteers to cover costs of the workshop, mediation, preparation, guidance and evaluation. We think it is important that volunteers are well prepared, therefore we provide a mandatory (5-day) workshop.
You pay € 589, regardless the duration of your volunteer work (at least 3 months).

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How are the program costs spent?

As a volunteer of Think Volunteer you pay program costs. Think Volunteer stands for honest and responsible volunteer work. We work together with projects that meet the requirements of the Better Care Network.

Explanation distribution program costs

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20% Preparation and guidance from Think Volunteer
Think Volunteer thinks good and personal guidance is important, a lot of time and attention is spent on this. The team guides volunteers through all preparations. You will receive an introduction day where you will meet other volunteers and we prepare you for the project you’ll be working for. We will look at your qualities and how we can use them in practice. You will be linked to a Social Worker, with whom you will reflect together. During your experience abroad you can run into certain things. Examples of this are: culture shock, different norms and values and wrong expectations. We focus on thinking and reflecting, where personal development is stimulated. At the end of your volunteer period we will look back and evaluate. You can always fall back on our team in case of questions or problems.

30% Workshop
The workshop is an important part. The workshop consists of 5 day parts. By following this workshop you will be prepared for the work that you can do at the project. The workshop aims to get the best out of the volunteer. Well-prepared and trained volunteers provide better and appropriate care. During the workshop we will delve into:
– The introduction of the project
– Social Work and Pedagogy
– Better Care Network
– Culture and religion
– Ethics and dilemmas
– Sustainable projects
– Qualities and pitfalls
– The Indonesian language

30% Guidance abroad
Think Volunteer works exclusively with carefully selected local partner organizations abroad. By working together with the local population and sharing our knowledge, we know how to respond appropriately to the needs of the projects and local communities. When the volunteer arrives abroad, the (foreign) team takes over part of the guidance. You will be picked up from the airport and taken to your accommodation. You will also be introduced to the volunteer project, you will receive help with arranging a SIM card and possibly a scooter. A colleague will also become your first point of contact and guide and support you in practice. We also deal with salaries for all local people with whom we work. In this way we stimulate the local economy.

10% Project support
10% of the program costs goes directly to the organization where you are placed as a volunteer. In this way the volunteer indirectly contributes to investments that are necessary for that project and stimulates the development of the local community.
The amount that goes to the project serves the following purposes:
– Construction of schools and activity centers
– Teaching materials: Think of all materials to support lessons and activities, such as: pens, paper, notebooks, and colored pencils.
– Healthy food
– Personal development of local people: When children need extra help or have a great talent, we would like to offer these children some extra support or the opportunity to develop this talent.

10% Costs for printing, administration, etc.
A small part of the program costs goes to informing the volunteers. Our team works hard to provide our volunteers with the right information. Examples include information days, a preparatory manual and our website.