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“It all started in 2015, when Mirthe and Zillah traveled to Indonesia to conduct research about volunteering and vulnerable target groups.”

Mirthe and Zillah were most curious about the term ‘Social Work’ in Indonesia and how it is approached there. They came across many harmful situations such as poverty, poor living environments and little to no education, and realized that help was needed.

Think Volunteer was born from the realization of the importance of responsible social volunteer work. Mirthe and Zillah strive to offer travelers, (future) volunteers and interns the opportunity to support projects in a responsible way. They have bundled their knowledge and experience to build Think Volunteer from the ground up.


ANBI Think Volunteer

ANBI Registration
The Think Volunteer Foundation stands for responsible travel and voluntary work. Think Volunteer is a foundation registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. Since October 29, 2020, the Think Volunteer Foundation has ANBI status. Our foundation is therefore recognized by the tax authorities as a public benefit institution (ANBI). This is under the RSIN number 859624973.


Meet the driving force behind the Think Volunteer nonprofit.


Mirthe is the co-founder of Think Volunteer. She's the head of networking, strategy and sales and is responsible for the coordination of management, storytelling and feedback.


Zillah co-founded Think Volunteer with Mirthe and has developed the NGO to what it is today. With a background in Social Work, she has done research on volunteering and vulnerable target groups.


Ruben is Think Volunteer's team supervisor. He's responsible for the Think website, the Think YouTube and marketing and communications.


Annabelle writes relevant blogs for Think Volunteer, offers input when it comes to social media (outreach) and supports the website and business: policies, fundraising, finances and advice.


Sterre has been a social media volunteer, where she managed Instagram and TikTok and kept track of the website analytics and SEO.


Soba is a video editor for Think Volunteer. He shoots clips, interviews, BTS and B-roll clips that appear in the video courses for the academy and the social media channels.


Evie offers general advice to the NGO and is financially responsible: she analyses, optimalizes and implements financial plans and writes reports. Additionally, she budgets and improves costs for several projects.


Joffrey focuses on the network and the financial aspect of Think Volunteer. He collaborates with other businesses in the Netherlands and the rest of the EU and is the NGO advisor.


Ingeborg offers advice to Think Volunteer on all aspects. She is present for brainstorms and to jump in wherever when a helping hand is needed.


Soba is a video editor for Think Volunteer. He shoots clips, interviews, BTS and B-roll clips that appear in the video courses for the academy and the social media channels.


Annelotte writes newsletters, social media posts and blogs for Think Volunteer.

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In loving memory and remembrance of Black Finit.


We are honored to report that throughout the years, multiple students have conducted their graduation research for and in collaboration with Think Volunteer – and now we offer you the results. Educate yourself, ask questions, or simply have a nice read!


We want to offer a platform where travelers receive information and education about traveling and volunteering with a positive impact.



We are committed to enhancing international traveling & volunteering in developing countries and reducing its negative impact, by offering the right resources and guidance.

We strive to reframe and redefine ‘voluntourism’ as something positive. Through the Think Volunteer Academy and Think Charity, we offer a source of information and a safe haven where travelers learn about being abroad responsibly, and using their privilege for good causes.

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