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Hey you! Do you like to travel? And do you want to make a positive impact during your trip, anywhere in the world? Do you want to be sure that your help and/or money really benefits people and the environment of your destination? But you don't know where to start? The Think Volunteer Foundation offers the solution. 

The Think Volunteer Foundation (ANBI status) is building a platform where travelers can learn from each other, experts, and experiential experts. The Think Volunteer Academy will be the place where travelers can get information about responsible travel and efficient volunteering. 

Born from the dream of working with local communities to create more awareness among travelers during their stay abroad, so that the positive effects of travel and volunteering can be increased.

Who are we?

It started in 2015, when Mirthe and Zillah conducted research in Indonesia into voluntary work among vulnerable target groups. ‘What can we really do for children abroad?’ It soon became clear that a lot of help is needed and that Western travelers need more knowledge and guidance in finding and carrying out voluntary work abroad. They gave workshops to (new) volunteers about 'Social Work' and coached them. In practice, this proved to be so effective that we decided to continue this project. Western and local knowledge was combined and Think volunteer was born. 

Over the past five years, Think Volunteer has built up a large team of volunteers. Under the leadership of Mirthe, Ruben, and Deniece, the mission of Think Volunteer, together with all volunteers, is continued. Would you like to get to know the team better? Click here

Urgency Do you want to know more information about the negative impact that you can unconsciously make during your (volunteer) trip? Watch this video: 

What will the Academy look like?

Think Volunteer wants to help people make their good intentions a positive outcome. The solution lies in education and connecting: the perspectives of local projects, organizations, and experts must be heard. 

On the Think Volunteer Academy platform, travelers and volunteers can follow various courses and make use of a certified coach, appropriate to their purpose. The platform offers alternatives, tips, solutions, and education about culture and faith, sustainable impact, ethics and dilemmas, animals and nature, and about working with vulnerable target groups abroad. In addition, it also informs users about many negative impact travel elements. coach. Het platform biedt alternatieven, tips, oplossingen en educatie over cultuur en geloof, duurzame impact, ethiek en dilemma's, dier en natuur en over werken met kwetsbare doelgroepen in het buitenland. Bovendien informeert het de gebruikers ook over vele reis elementen met een negatieve impact. 

For more information, check out our prototype!

You can help today!
Namely by becoming more aware of the positive and negative impact you can make during your trip. Our dream can come true “if everyone 'Thinks' when they travel”.

Where does my donation go?

Your donation will benefit a good cause! Our foundation is therefore recognized by the tax authorities as a public benefit institution (ANBI).

At the moment we have insufficient financial resources to expand our platform with more knowledge and to transfer this as well as possible through effective and professional (video) content. 

The proceeds of the donations must ensure that the continuity of the foundation is guaranteed. Think Volunteer Academy provides a self-sufficient and sustainable model, with the ultimate goal of a positive impact of all travel worldwide!


Meet our Supportive partners! They support our movement by, among other things, sharing their knowledge and experience with us. Think Volunteer uses local experts to share the most valuable information & education with you.

~Give a Voice To The Locals~



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