About us

Specialised in Indonesia, concerned, reliable and responsible

Our Story

Zillah and Mirthe traveled to Indonesia in 2015 with the aim to do research in Social Work and to bring their Social Work knowledge to a local volunteer project, a non-governmental organization (NGO). We gave workshops about Social Work to new volunteers and helped them to use their personal qualities in this social field. We also created a manual which would help the future volunteers from Project Child to deal with situations including lesson programs for children. We realized our collaboration with this local volunteer project was very effective. Therefore, we decided to keep continue working together to improve volunteer work in the future. Think Volunteer gives ngo’s and their volunteers the chance to do better work and have better volunteers. We combined our knowledge and hands-on experience, and Think Volunteer was born.

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Why Think Volunteer?

With Think Volunteer, you will know that you are fully aware of volunteer work. Think Volunteer is not just mediating, but also training you into a volunteer who actually means something. You will be accompanied by Experts and Social Workers. Western and Indonesian knowledge has been brought together, which addresses the needs of volunteers and local people. Think Volunteer is a Dutch organization, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands

Our Mission

Volunteering combined with traveling, the so-called voluntourism became increasingly popular. A beautiful and educative initiative, but research shows that the volunteer gets more benefits than the local target group, due to little knowledge of the volunteer.
Volunteers often pay for mediation but don’t receive the proper preparation and education.
While this is helpful for your own development, and meaningful for the local social project.
Think Volunteer’s mission create better and fairer care in Indonesia. We do this by training you by giving the right knowledge and tools which can be useful during your time as volunteer or intern – supporting a local project. We teach you to do volunteering in a responsible way, according to the Better Care Network guidelines (an organization focusing on childcare in developing countries). Think Volunteer focuses on your needs as a volunteer and the needs of the locals, because better volunteers means better care. You get the chance to apply your qualities, develop yourself and make the difference. So the vulnerable target groups get the right support, what it’s all about. Cause that’s what they deserve right?

As a volunteer you often pay costs for mediation, such as assistance with a place of residence, visa and other practical matters. But mostly you won’t get enough guidance. Think Volunteer wants to do something about this. You need the right information to be well prepared for traveling, but also to provide the best care in a developing country. The main goal of Think Volunteer is to create better and fair care, education and a healthy living environment in Indonesia. We do this by giving trainees and volunteers the right tools that can be applied in practice. We teach them to volunteer in a responsible way. We do this according to the guidelines of the Better Care Network (an organization that focuses on social care in developing countries).

Think Volunteer focuses on the needs of the volunteer and the needs of the local community. Because better volunteers means better care. The volunteer is given the opportunity to apply his / her qualities, to develop themselves and to make a difference. This gives vulnerable target groups the right support. Think Volunteer is also working on this mission by fundraising and collecting donations for our collaborating projects and organisations.

Our dream

We want to unite Europe and Indonesia so we can improve social care in Indonesia. We do this by working with Indonesians, which enables us to connect our knowledge and deepen our local care needs. We do not want to take care, but offer knowledge and handles so that local communities can embark on it. We focus on personal development, social care and the creation of a better living environment.

Did you get enthusiastic about our story? Take your chance and apply to be involved!

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Traveling with Think Volunteer means:

  • A special trip for everyone
  • An Immersion in Indonesian history, culture and nature
  • Helping and supporting people in a responsible manner
  • Collaborating with the locals
  • Professional coaching
  • Making new friends
  • A challenge, an adventure and relaxation
  • Something different every day

In other words: an experience of a life time!

Our team



over ons mirthe

The beautiful nature, lovely people and the complete experience with the street children project have made a big impression. When you are in the Netherlands, poverty is far away. When you face this poverty, it becomes real. Freedom, good care and opportunities are self-evident for me, unthinkable for many children in Indonesia. I would also like to offer these children good care and opportunities. With Think Volunteer I want to encourage people, get to know responsible volunteering and give them the experience of a lifetime!



over ons zillah

Living and working in a developing country really made me feel and realize how grateful I can be to be born in the Netherlands, something you can’t choose. I am also grateful that I had the opportunity to commit myself to the vulnerable target groups in Indonesia. This experience has brought me a lot of knowledge and at the same time my love for Indonesia became so big. With Think Volunteer I hope to inspire people to do volunteer work and discover all the beauty of the world.


Local coördinator

over ons aya

I live in Yogyakarta and study at Yogyakarta State University majoring in English Education.
For my practicum ‘Translation and Interpretation’ I searched for an internship and I found Think Volunteer.
I love social work and with Think Volunteer I learned a lot about Social work in my own country and the differences in the Netherlands.
After my internship I wanted to stay involved with Think Volunteer to develop myself better and to have new experiences with people from other countries. I am glad to join this team!


Local coördinator

over ons aya

I live in Yogyakarta and I know Mirthe&Zillah since four years.
When I heard about Think Volunteer and their mission, I got enthusiastic and wanted to be involved. I love to meet people and to help them around in Yogyakarta.
Besides working for Think Volunteer, I am a freelance translator.
I am graduated from English education program faculty of teachers training and education at Sanata Dharma University.


Project leader

over ons ruben

Working in beautiful Indonesia has always been a dream for me. I became acquainted during my internship
with the different vulnerable target groups in Indonesia. I discovered the concern that this vulnerable target groups is very different compared to the Netherlands. By standing eye to eye with
these differences, I am very motivated to use my experiences and knowledge to make the differences
to minimize and improve healthcare. I hope to be able to inspire people through Think Volunteer
to contribute to these vulnerable target groups in Indonesia.


over ons sophie

Marketing & Communication Manager


over ons soba

Photographer & Videographer


over ons egy

Local Project Manager & Guide