Gift card

Gift card - how does it work?

How nice that you might want to give a gift card around the theme "Help a child to school". By donating you help the most vulnerable children in Indonesia to buy school supplies and you give them a chance for education! Read through the following points to see how our gift card works.

  1. You donate:
    - €10 per month: a calculation is made based on how many months you want to donate. If you want to donate for 6 months or longer, the person who receives your gift card will become a 'virtual foster parent'. If you want to donate 1 to 6 months, the money will go to school supplies. 
    - €120 per year: one child can go to school for a whole year and the recipient of the gift card becomes a 'virtual foster parent'!
  2. You will receive a gift card in your email based on your donation.
  3. Forward this gift card to the person you want to surprise! 

Questions? See the example photo on the right side or get in contact with us!

Everything clear? Then click on the button 'Give a gift card'!

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We are involved, on location, transparent and responsible.
At Think Charity you know that the money contributes to concrete goals that will have a major impact!
Think Volunteer is directly involved with local projects. This way we know the needs and how we can respond to it in the best way possible.

  • Think Charity provides clarity about what happens to your money. We are on location and involved. With Think Charity there is control.
  • Think Charity contributes to the most vulnerable audiences. In other words: the donations are transferred to those who can use it best. Think Charity ensures that a sustainable development is stimulated.
  • All funds and resources raised contribute to the future-proofing and self-reliance of local projects, organizations and vulnerable target groups in Indonesia.
  • Think Charity contributes on a micro level through its donation programs.