Are you joining?

Are you joining?

You can do a lot for us in collaboration with us for responsible international traveling.You can think of doing a research, sharing knowledge, start your own fundraising, set up activities as an ambassador or become a volunteer from home. You can also apply to our vacancies ! Will you join our team?

Do you have questions or nice ideas? Get in contact with us!

Volunteering, internship or research

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Do you want to do volunteer work, internship or research abroad? Do you want to be committed to vulnerable target groups in a responsible manner? Think Volunteer prepares you for your work abroad. We do this by responding to the needs of the local vulnerable target groups, their project and by responding to your needs and personal development.

For internship and volunteer opportunities in Indonesia, we would like to refer you to partner Intern Indonesia.

Do you want to work in another country, but still use our training and coaching? Then click here to see what you should pay attention to in order to get started responsibly.

Become an ambassador

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Will you become our new ambassador? Get in contact with us!

What exactly does an ambassador mean?
As an ambassador of Think Volunteer, you ensure that you promote Think Volunteer, enthuse students and volunteers about responsible volunteering, look for suitable partnerships and raise funds.
This is possible in a simple way, without being tied to any obligations!

Would you also like to contribute, but do you have little time?
We have made a list with some examples of how you could mean something to us.

Donate through Think Charity


Think Charity is a crowdfunding platform where we offer project support on various themes: social work, health, education and animals and nature.
Join us and make a big impact with your donation through Think Charity.