Think Volunteer


Make a direct contribution to a good cause, such as helping vulnerable children go to school or making sure a stray animal is receiving the care it needs.

Choose a cause:

Help a child to school!

Think Volunteer strives to send as many children as possible to school. In this way children can develop into self-reliant individuals who can fulfill their dreams. 

Foster an stray animal

In collaboration with Animal Friends Jogja and Lombok Animal Rescue, we want to ensure that cats and dogs have a better future. 

Let’s build their Dreamhouse together

You wake up not knowing if you are going to eat that day. Dreaming about what you want to be when you grow up is out of the question, because you don’t have the time and money to go to school. You are forced to help mom and dad earn money. Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality for street children in Yogyakarta. Many children face a gray future that is accompanied by fear and uncertainty. 


As a nonprofit, Think Volunteer ensures that your donation ends up where it is supposed to.

  • You donate an amount of
money to the cause of your choice.

  • The money arrives on the Think Volunteer NGO bank account. 

  • Several of our volunteers take note of this. And start to arrange the process.

  • The money gets forwarded to the right cause with note of what’s to happen with it.

  • The cause in question uses the money to its intent and sends back a confirmation.

  • Think Volunteer updates you with where your money has gone and what it has funded.

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