We are looking for support!

In order to continue supporting the projects in a responsible manner, we are looking for support!
We need sponsors / investors / crowdfunding so that we can continue to do this work. As a friend of Think Volunteer you can help us and the projects to grow. You decide how much and what you want to donate.

Project donation

We also need donations for the projects.
You can choose a project to support. Contact us for the possibilities and content info of the projects, so that you are well informed about what the project needs and how they can use a donation.

How to donate?

Every donation is welcome!
You can make a one-off donation and also make a periodic transfer to our IBAN account number (ING bank), in the name of Stichting Think Volunteer.

Transparancy and direct support

Think Volunteer provides clarity about what happens with your money. At Think Volunteer there is control, partly due to our small circle and direct contact with the projects. We work transparently and find it important that you know where your money / donation is used for. View our transparency overview.

All collected funds / donations and resources contribute to the future-proofing and self-reliance of local projects and organizations in Indonesia. We offer workshops to our collaborating projects in Indonesia. We are in close contact with our fellow projects to learn from each other and to see how we can best respond to the needs / goals of the project.