Foster a stray animal!

Our goal

In collaboration with Animal Friends Jogja and Lombok Animal Rescue, we want to ensure that cats and dogs have a better future. We ensure that animals receive the care and love they deserve through campaigning, shelter, rescue and sterilization programs. Many cats and dogs have a hard time in Indonesia. They are neglected, abused, dumped, and have no loving home.

In addition, there is too little prevention. More spaying/neutering is desperately needed for the following reason: based on an average baseline calculation, an unneutered female will produce an average of 3 litters in a year, each litter with an average of 4-6 kittens. This means that in just 7 years, one cat and her offspring could theoretically produce 420,000 cats!
Even more shocking, only 1 in 12 of those 420,000 cats is lucky enough to find a nice home.

Curious about what we already achieved? Then take a look at: Impact Think Charity!

You can become a foster parent for €7,- per month or €84,- per year!

Would you prefer to transfer the donation manually?
IBAN Number: NL17 INGB 0006 6754 48
In the name of: Stichting Think Volunteer

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How Can You Help?

Donate once, monthly or annually for the following opportunities:

    • Looking and feeling good: parasites treatment, vaccinations, care and vitamins
    • Enjoy life: castration, sterilization and emergency medical treatment
    • Foster parent: Become a Foster Parent! Support an animal monthly or annually. If you choose this, you will be paired with a cat or dog that needs your support the most. You will receive an update on the well-being of your new friend every semester!

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By participating in this program, you not only help dogs and cats in need, but you also become a role model who inspires and sets a good example for others. Despite taking care of an animal yourself, you can still take care for these abused, neglected, or abandoned animals and reduce the suffering they have experienced before!
Neglected and abused animals on the street can find a place in the shelter of AFJ & Animal Rescue Lombok. Here they receive the necessary (medical) care, attention, and daily needs.
The shelters are actively looking for a new loving home and the adoption of animals is encouraged.
Preventive: More cats and dogs can be spayed, resulting in fewer stray dogs and cats.
Campaign: In collaboration with AFJ & Animal Rescue Lombok we provide campaigns and education in the following areas:

  • Motivating spaying and neutering and combating irresponsible breeding.
  • Choose to adopt, don't buy or shop! We motivate people to adopt a companion animal from the shelter.
  • Think before taking action: raising awareness of responsibilities before adopting an animal.
    Stop throwing animals on the street!
    Cats and dogs are friends!

Think Charity In Cooperation With:

Animal Friends Jogja

Lombok Animal Rescue