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Our goal

In collaboration with local projects, including Sumatra Volunteer & Rumah Impian (Dreamhouse), Think Volunteer strives to send as many children as possible to school. In this way children can develop into self-reliant individuals who can fulfill their dreams. To start with, we work in Central Java, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Flores and Papua. If they can learn a trade, they will later have a chance to take better care of themselves and their families, so that outside support must at some point become superfluous. Curious about what we have already achieved? Then take a quick look at: Impact Think Charity!

For €10 per month or €120 per year you can ensure that a child can go to school!

Would you prefer to transfer the donation manually?
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Donate For Books And Uniforms

Donate once / monthly / yearly: for books and uniforms.

Foto van gelukkige kinderen op school

Become A Foster Parent

Become a Foster Parent by donating monthly or annually: 

Support a child for at least 3 months and you make sure that a child who needs it, gets the education he or she deserves. They are children who are motivated to go to school. It concerns different levels of education: primary, secondary school or university.

  • After the donation you will be linked to your Foster Child! We match you with an Indonesian child who needs you the most at that moment.
  • You will be kept informed of the developments regarding your foster child. The foster child is encouraged to communicate with you through letters, videos and social media. You will receive a progress report every quarter of the year.


When you support this goal, you contribute to a better future for children in Indonesia. Are you curious about what we already achieved? Then take a look at: Impact Think Charity!

  • Children are given the opportunity to develop
  • They are inspired by the projects and helped to discover their dreams and realize them through education.
  • Aiding children in need to become productive self-reliant citizens, who will make a useful contribution to society in the future.
  • Awareness of the importance of education is growing and the proactivity of Indonesian communities to promote education will increase.
  • In short: The street is not for kids! You give a child the opportunity for a future, where he or she will be able to take care of themselves and also support their future family.

Every child has the right to education. Many children in Indonesia do not go to school, despite primary education being free throughout the country. In practice however, it means that the parents of the children still have a lot of costs if their children go to school. For example, they must provide their own school uniforms, learning/writing materials and transport. For most of the people in the poor neighborhoods and licorice farms, this is not affordable. In addition, many families are busy with daily 'survival': ensuring that there is enough food and drinks for that day. This mindset ensures that parents do not immediately see the importance of education and that they use children for work on the street or on the farm.
Think Volunteer wants to work with you to ensure that every child gets a fair chance. A fair chance at education and a fair chance at a bright future, because they deserve it twice as much.

Foto van twee meisjes die in de verte kijken

Think Charity In Cooperation With:

Sumatra Volunteer
Rumah Impian: Solidarity, Care, Transform