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Do NOT volunteer if it ain’t responsible

Are you going abroad, and do you want to make a positive impact?We’re here to help! Unfortunately not every traveler or volunteer is aware of the negative footprints they can leave behind in another country. Learn more through our research.

It is our mission to provide future volunteers and travelers the education, information and tools for their journey abroad. Continue to the next slide for your personal How-To-Start guide on volunteering. From A to Z, we’ll explain each step!

Step 1
STEP 1: where can I add value?

Do you want to contribute something valuable to the world? Before you begin, it's important to have a clear goal in mind. Where do you want to make an impact and what change do you want to bring about?

Through the Think Volunteer Academy, we help you recognize the mission and objectives of the organization you want to collaborate with. We also encourage you with various tools to embark on a journey of exploration and find a project that aligns with your passion and goals. Through the Academy, you will discover more about your passion, learn about the missions of organizations, and choose a project that supports your goals.

Step 2
STEP 2: Find an organisation
Through the Think Volunteer Academy, you will gain insights into the activities you will be involved in, the project duration, the location, and any required skills or experience.
As a volunteer, it's important to understand how the organization ensures that you are the perfect fit for a specific role within their organization. Take the time to conduct thorough research through the Think Volunteer Academy. Discover all the project details, ensure a good match with the organization, and be inspired by the experiences of others.
Step 3
STEP 3: passion and preferences

Before you start, it's important to conduct thorough research on the organization you want to collaborate with. Why? Because you want to know what to expect and if it aligns with your passion and preferences.

Consider important details such as the number of working hours per day, the work schedules, and the collaboration with others. It's also useful to check if there are any codes of conduct you need to adhere to.

But let's not forget what it's really about: your passion! What touches your heart and where do you truly feel the drive to make a difference? Through the Think Volunteer Academy, you can learn about different types of organizations and discover what ignites your passion.

Step 4
STEP 4: Count(ry) money

It is essential to research the location and the associated costs. As a volunteer, you need to be aware of any expenses related to the volunteer work. Consider the destination and discover what it will cost.

Through the Think Volunteer Academy, we prioritize informing you about factors to consider when it comes to placement in the world, as well as the costs involved in volunteering. We understand that finances play a significant role, and we want to ensure that you don't have to worry about unexpected expenses. We are here to guide and assist you at every step of your volunteer journey.

Step 5
STEP 5: time & reflection

Before you begin, it's important to consider the time you want to dedicate to volunteering. How long do you want to stay?
How much time do you want to spend on actual volunteering? And don't forget the time you want to invest in your preparation.

Preparation and evaluation are essential. We understand that this adventure is a leap into the unknown, a completely different world. At Think Volunteer, we're here for you, from the moment you start preparing until the completion of your volunteer work. We want your experience to be unforgettable and valuable.

Step 6
STEP 6: Volunteer Opportunities

Before you start, it's important to know what types of volunteer work are available. The possibilities are endless! Discover through the Think Volunteer Academy what suits you best.

Think about supporting education programs, protecting wildlife, promoting sustainability, or providing social assistance. But it's not just about what you can do; it's also about understanding and respecting the local culture, traditions, and customs. As a volunteer, it's important to be open to intercultural exchange and collaboration. Be a bridge between communities and learn from each other.

Step 7

Curious about the different types of volunteer organizations to choose from? Through the Think Volunteer Academy, we teach you that not every organization has good intentions. That's why it's important to be critical and recognize the right signals.
But how do you do that?

Through the Think Volunteer Academy, we guide you on what to look out for when selecting a good organization. We provide you with the tools and knowledge to identify red flags and determine the reliability of an organization. We want you to embark on your volunteering journey with peace of mind, knowing that you are collaborating with a reputable organization.

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Research has shown that voluntourism can have a negative impact. Voluntourism is a problematic phenomenon where well-intentioned volunteers engage in short-term, often unskilled activities, leading to potential harm to local communities and perpetuating dependency. They advocate for responsible volunteering practices that prioritize sustainability, cultural sensitivity, and long-term impact for the communities involved.




Courses cater to your purpose. Volunteer with children? Receive child-focused training. Backpacking with sustainability in mind? Engage in lessons on sustainable travel. Doing an internship abroad? Learn about the culture. Our materials include educational videos featuring locals, sharing their expertise on their country, culture, and nature. Discover your destination to the fullest!



Think Charity as a whole is a crowdfunding platform providing knowledge, tools, and financial aid can help address local needs and create a sustainable impact for vulnerable communities abroad. By raising funds at the micro level for these causes, a greater impact can be achieved. The goal of Think Charity is to inspire you, future volunteers, and travelers to initiate their own crowdfunding campaigns and showcase them on the Think Charity platform.


Make a donation to Think Volunteer today and witness the incredible impact your support can have! Just one donation can already enable us to support life-changing projects, build communities, and create sustainable change. Click on our projects now and discover how your contribution can make a difference.

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Start your own crowdfunding campaign today through our Think Charity platform and see how easy it is to make a big impact in a short amount of time. Crowdfunding is a powerful tool that allows you to raise funds for local projects and showcase your dedication to giving back. Join the movement of making a difference in your community. Start crowdfunding now!

Collaborating with Think Volunteer allows for the creation of greater positive impact. We believe in the power of collective efforts and strive to make a difference together with you. Join us and let’s make the world a better place.

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