Welcome to the Think Charity impact page. We would like to take you into what we have achieved with our Think Charity donation program. Read on and get inspired. You may also become motivated to donate or to set up a program yourself to help contribute to the vulnerable target groups in this world! 

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Total Amount Collected

With Think Charity we have been able to start many projects in recent years with which we could contribute financially at a micro level. In total we raised the following amount through temporary and ongoing projects!


Impact 2021 - Same Lockdown, Different Impact

Once again we started the 'Same lockdown, different impact' program with Think Charity. We have raised more than €2500,- for vulnerable families who have been severely hampered in their daily lives by the corona pandemic. They could not / were not allowed to work anymore because of the lockdown, this ensured that they could not buy food. In collaboration with our local partners Sumatra Volunteer, Dreamhouse and IkGaNaarBali we were able to distribute an enormous amount of food parcels in Sumatra, Yogyakarta and Bali. This provides more than 1000 people with food and drinks for a week!

Impact 2021 - Storm in Kupang

A sudden storm in Kupang has devastated many. Houses, shops, hospitals, cars, churches, etc. have been damaged and effected. Because of this storm we, Think Charity, had to act quickly and was able to set up a fundraiser within a day in collaboration with our local partner Dreamhouse. Within 4 days, €492 was collected which we immediately sent to the problems with the most priority. With this money we were then able to deliver the following impact:

  • Buying roofs (seng) so that houses could no longer be flooded with rain. The amount of water from the storm was enough to reach people’s belly buttons, indoors… 
  • Traditional walls, so privacy could be restored!
  • 3 Large water containers so that an entire village could use clean water again for showering, cooking and drinking.

Foto van mensen die hun gemeenschap herbouwen die is getroffen door de storm in Kupang

Foto van mensen die hun gemeenschap herbouwen die is getroffen door de storm in Kupang

Impact 2021 - Aftermath Storm in Kupang

In April 2021, a Dutch couple set up their own donation program in collaboration with Think Charity. They have shared the crowdfunding with their family and friends for vulnerable families in Kupang - Indonesia. They raised no less than €1195,-! 

Due to the storm in Kupang this year, many houses have unfortunately been destroyed. And through their donation program we have been able to deliver the following impact in collaboration with our local partner Dreamhouse Kupang:

  • 8 houses equipped with wood so that the roofs could be attached! Previously, they put tree stumps on the roofs to keep them from blowing off and to keep everything inside the house from getting wet from the rain. 
  • 53 families in three different villages are provided with food and drinks for at least a month!
  • Handmade sleeping pads have been distributed to these people so that they no longer have to sleep on the floor.

Impact 2020 - Same Lockdown, Different Impact

With Think Charity, we raised more than €4000 for vulnerable families who were greatly hindered in their daily lives by the corona pandemic. They could not/were no longer allowed to work, which meant that they could not buy food. In collaboration with our local partners Sumatra Volunteer and Dreamhouse we have distributed a huge amount of food packages to more than 200 families. This allowed a family of 5 people a week ahead! 

 Foto van kinderen die op school werken

Impact 2019 - Education Center Sumatra

In collaboration with Sumatra Volunteer, we raised €750 through a Christmas campaign in 2019 so that Sumatra Volunteer could set up a new 'education center'. In this education center, more than 70 children are provided with English lessons. The children can’t receive English lessons at their own school because their parents don’t have enough money to pay for these lessons, unlike the families who can afford to pay. To reduce a delay in the development of the children, Sumatra Volunteer offers free lessons. In addition to the English lessons, playful activities are also organized.

Impact 2019 - Volunteers Are Committed To Street Children!

Dreamhouse was in trouble to pay the school fees for three (former) street children, whom they take care of.

Iqbal, Tia, and Rudi are eager for further education. Iqbal and Tia are ready for primary school, while Rudi is ready for secondary school. An online fundraising was held in conjunction with an event in Yogyakarta. In Indonesia, there are registration fees and school fees which must be paid every month. Dreamhouse had no money for this yet and that would mean that the children could not enroll the next school year.

Together we looked for a solution, whereby our student Lian and volunteer Maud have worked hard to ensure that the children can continue their education in school. On King's Day they organized an event and together with the online fundraising they gathered 815 euros! This means that not only Iqbal, Tia and Rudi can now go to school, but also several additional street children can be helped.

Foto van kinderen die geholpen werden om toegang te krijgen tot school

In Collaboration with Dreamhouse and Sumatra Volunteer

Children have been taken off the streets and are going to school

Meisjes Indonesië naar school Think Volunteer

families are supported through parent empowerment.

 Foto van Yuni en haar bedrijf

Yuni lived on the streets, but now has her own business!

Dreamhouse's education centers provide a learning environment where underprivileged children can learn and receive training and advice. With the help of volunteers, interns, and donations, we have been able to open several education centers. In 2018, there were 5 education centers… and now, 9 education centers are active in Yogyakarta to this day. In addition to education centers, Dreamhouse offers the 'hope shelter'.
Yuni, 25 years old, lived on the street and ended up in the so-called hope shelter of Dreamhouse. This gave Yuni structure, education, and prospects. With the support of Dreamhouse, Yuni now has her own business! A warung where she sells Indonesian snacks.

Meet Sky

Sky is now the happy cat of Mirthe, initiator of Think Volunteer. Sky has been 'dumped' in a cardboard box on the street with his brothers and sisters, as shown on the picture. We found them starving and neglected. Mirthe decided to take Sky and brother Simba into her home. We also found a home for the other two kittens. Simba had a broken leg and infection. The same day, Sky and Simba had a visit to the vet. Medical help came too late however, and Simba unfortunately didn't make it. Thousands of animals are thrown on the streets in Indonesia every day. But Sky and his siblings have found a loving home. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every animal.

Foto van gevonden straatkatjes

Foto van de kat genaamd Sky