Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to questions that we often receive.
If your question is not listed, just contact us!
No, you do not get a placement fee. The projects dont have money to pay you. You also can’t earn money with a social cultural visa.
In Indonesia we use the same plugs as in the Netherlands, 230 volts.
Yes, there are plenty of ATMs that accept International bank cards. Also, credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.
Indonesia is a safe country. But always be alert to your belongings everywhere you go, cause pickpockets are everywhere around the world.
We advice you to always lock your suitcase with important belongings when you leave your residence.
Avoid risks of theft.
Regardless of the length of stay, the following vaccinations are recommended for Indonesia: vaccination against DTP and vaccination against Hepatitis A. For stays longer than three months, vaccinations against abdominal typhus, hepatitis B, rabies (= rabies) and in some cases tuberculosis are recommended for Indonesia. Sometimes
vaccinations against these diseases are recommended for a shorter stay in Indonesia. Always consult your travel health clicic yourself for current information about the vaccinations.
The minimum age for school excursions is at least 15 years. For discovery trips minimum 16 years. Volunteering and internships minimum 18 years.
Working in a developing country carries certain responsibilities that we as an organization take very serious. We ask travelers and the projects we work with to accept our requirements. We see if you are suitable as an intern or volunteer through a personal intake. This intake is important to find a suitable project, where you can use your abilities. Working with vulnerable children requires diligence and preparation, therefore it is required to be a part of our five-day workshop. Think Volunteer has a code of conduct, you as a participant need to follow this code of conduct with manners and rules.
We only accept participants with a minimum stay of three months.
Responsible volunteering and quality is where we stand for. We abide by the guidelines of the Better Care Network. Our partner projects and organizations work from the same guidelines and adhere to the Code of Think Volunteer. The organizations and projects are sustainable and focused on the needs of the local population.
We are convinced that a volunteer is not supposed to pay for volunteerwork. Fair projects and prices are important to us. Often you see that volunteering could be incredibly expensive.

Think Volunteer receives no subsidies and donations and depends on the contribution of volunteers to costs of the workshop, mediation, preparation, cover supervision and evaluation. It is important that volunteers are well prepared, therefore, there is a mandatory (5-day) workshop. You pay a one-off € 650 euro, regardless of the duration of your volunteer work.
Being a volunteer is a good initiative and should be promoted to pay less.
stopped by that it costs a lot of money.

The workshop is an essential part of this internship and attendance is required. The workshop consists of five sessions. By following this workshop you prepares yourself for the work that you will carry out at the local project.
During the workshop we will delve into:
– The introduction of your project
– Social Work and Educational theory
– Better Care Network
– Culture and religion
– Ethics and dilemmas
– Sustainable Projects
– Your strengths and pitfalls
– The Indonesian language