Information for parents

Does your child want to travel and are you still not completely comfortable with it? We have answered the most frequently asked questions below.
If your question is not listed, take contact us!
When your son/daughter joins the discovery trip,
he or she will stay in a hostel with other participants. When your son/daughter is going as a volunteer, we will arrange an accommodation which meets Western standards. He or she will be placed with other volunteers/students.
Indonesia is a safe country. We will do everything to make sure that your son/daughter is safe while participating the project. There is always a project coordinator 24/7 available.
Indonesia is a democratic country with a population consisting of a Muslim majority. Indonesians are known for their hospitality and friendly attitude. Your child will feel incredibly welcome.
Your son/daughter will need a liability insurance and travel insurance, which also covers Indonesia (world coverage). We ask all participants to take an travel insurance that covers repatriation costs and to find out what emergency-help will be covered.
Regardless of length of stay , the following vaccinations are recommended for Indonesia: vaccination against DTP and vaccination against hepatitis A. For a stay of more than three months, vaccinations against abdominal typhus, hepatitis B, rabies (= rabies) are recommended for Indonesia. and in some cases tuberculosis. Sometimes vaccinations against these diseases are recommended for a shorter stay in Indonesia. Always consult your own travel health clinic yourself for current information about the vaccinations.
Just like in the Netherlands, there is also internet available in Indonesia. Keep in mind
the internet in Indonesia has not the same good quality as in the Netherlands. Internet is available at most restaurants, hotels and homes. In addition, there are often countless internet caf├ęs in the area. Your son / daughter also has the option to purchase a local SIM card. We are happy to help with this!
There is 24/7 a project coordinator available. We make sure that your son/daughter has the correct emergency numbers and the project coordinator will be as quickly as possible present when an emergency occurs. We ask your son/daughter always to care their health insurance card with him/her. When a serious illness or accident occurs, you will be contacted.
Yes, these days young people travel/study/volunteer everywhere on earth. There are many Western people in Indonesia. There are enough events where Western people get in contact with eachother.
No, it is forbidden by law in Indonesia to receive a salary for an internship or volunteering. However, there are opportunities for grants or financial support when study abroad.