Research in Indonesia

Research in Indonesia

Do you want to mean something for the people in Indonesia? Think Volunteer takes you to social projects who work with vulnerable target groups. These social projects are recognized training/internship companies, where you can do research. We provide a graduation place that meets your requirements and your study program.

You can do research in the field of:

– Street children
– Orphans
– HIV / AIDS patients
– Disabled care
– Female rights
– Education

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What does the workshop entail?

The workshop is an essential part of this internship and attendance is required. The workshop consists of five sessions. By following this workshop you prepare yourself for the work that you will carry out at the local project.
During the workshop we will delve into:
– The introduction of your project
– Social Work and Educational theory
– Better Care Network
– Culture and religion
– Ethics and dilemmas
– Sustainable Projects
– Your strengths and pitfalls
– The Indonesian language

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During your research you can expect our guidance in Yogyakarta. This means that in case of problems you can fall 24/7 back on us. When being abroad you can run into certain things. Example as a culture shock, different norms and values or wrong expectations. We serve as an intermediary between you, the university and the project where you will do your research.





€50 per month

Minor begeleiding



€50 per month

Tour, workshops, activiteiten 
Pakket  Price € 
5 lessons   35 
10 lessons  57 
15 lessons  77 
20 lessons  100 
Per lesson   8,00  
Pakket  Price per week €  Prijs per maand € 
2 hours per week  7,50  30 
5 hours per week  12,50  50 
8 hours per week  20  80 
10 hours per week   25  100 
12 hours per week   30  120 

These amounts are based on an internship period up to a maximum of 5 months and do not include the costs for:
– Visa
– Airline ticket
– Vaccinations
– Rental of accommodation
– Rental of transport