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Ons verhaal Think Volunteer
Wij zetten ons in om internationaal vrijwilligerswerk in ontwikkelingslanden met een positieve impact te motiveren en met negatieve impact tegengaan.
Think Volunteer

It all started in 2015, where we (Mirthe and Zillah) traveled to Indonesia to do research about volunteering and vulnerable target groups. We were curious about the term 'Social Work' in Indonesia and how it is approached there. What were the opportunities for underprivileged children, for example, and what could we learn from this? But more importantly, what could we do for these children? We saw many harmful situations such as poverty, poor living environments, and little to no education. We realized that help was needed.

We met with local social workers, experts, and volunteers where they taught us how they worked. The hospitality and care they gave was indescribable. We learned about their protocols and were eager to exchange this for our knowledge. We did this by giving workshops, we offered workshops to (new) volunteers about 'Social Work' and helped them through their experiences. The use of personal qualities was central during this process. How great is it to use your own qualities to help others? We wrote a manual that offers tools for future (international) volunteers. In practice this turned out to be so effective that we - in collaboration with Project Child Indonesia - decided to continue this project. We believe it is very important that social volunteering is carried out in a responsible manner. We would like to offer (future) volunteers and interns the opportunity to support projects but doing so in a responsible way. Thus, the Think Volunteer foundation was set up by bundling our knowledge and experience.

Our Organization

The Think Volunteer Foundation stands for responsible travel and voluntary work. Think Volunteer is a foundation, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. Since October 29, 2020, the Think Volunteer Foundation has ANBI status Our foundation is therefore recognized by the tax authorities as a public benefit institution (ANBI). This is under the RSIN number 859624973.

Our donors may deduct their donations from income or corporate tax. In addition, this means that we do not pay any inheritance tax or gift tax for gifts and legacies that we use for our purpose.

Would you like to view our registration with the tax authorities? Click on the link below to go to the site of the Tax Authorities.
Enter "Think Volunteer" at Institution and "Hengelo" at location.

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ANBI Think Volunteer

Donations: via our platform Think Charity you can donate in diverse ways. We offer 'Business friend of' for companies and organizations, but also as a private individual you can support Think Volunteer as 'friend of'.

Discover Responsible Volunteering

With Think Volunteer you know that you are going to get acquainted with volunteering in a responsible way. Think Volunteer Academy is a platform in development that will eventually be there to train you to become a volunteer who will actually mean something. You will be guided by experience experts and Social Workers. Knowledge is brought together, so that attention is paid to the needs of volunteers and the local population.

Team Think Volunteer


Co - Founder - Social worker - Coach - Experience expert


Freedom, good care and opportunities are self-evident to me, unthinkable to many others. With Think Volunteer I want to encourage people, introduce them to responsible volunteering and give them the experience of a lifetime!


Co - Founder - Social worker - Experience expert


Living and working in a developing country really made me realize how grateful I can be to have been born in the Netherlands, something no one can choose. With Think Volunteer I hope to inspire people to volunteer and discover all the beauty in the world.


Community manager - Social worker - Coach - Experience expert


Working in beautiful Indonesia has always been a dream for me. When I was an intern I discovered several vulnerable target groups. I discovered that the care these vulnerable target groups receive is very different compared to the Netherlands. By being face to face with these differences, I am very motivated to use my experiences and knowledge to stand up for the vulnerable target groups. I hope to be able to inspire people through Think Volunteer to contribute to these vulnerable target groups abroad.


finance & administration - Academic PABO - Experience expert


I lived in Yogyakarta for 2,5 years where I worked as a volunteer with vulnerable children. I am currently back in the Netherlands. In addition to my work in the Netherlands, I like to volunteer for the Think Volunteer foundation. I mainly support in financial matters. I love to contribute and to see which charities are financially supported on a monthly and annual basis! In addition, I like to think along with the team to support the team in achieving the goals of Think Volunteer.


Boardmember - Master student Global Management for Social Issues - experience expert


When I studied in Indonesia, I was coached and trained by Think Volunteer. There I learned to support the local population in an effective and sustainable way. The experience of being able to teach street children really touched me. I thought it was great to see how everyone could get something positive out of this experience: not only me, but especially the local population. I also wish other volunteers and students the right preparation and guidance. That's why I joined the Think Volunteer team.


Business board member - Public Affairs


Qualitative innovative international voluntary work that is what Think Volunteer stands for. My experience with international youth participation can benefit the growth of Think Volunteer.


Marketing & communication - Anthropology - Experience expert


I came to Indonesia for the first time in 2018. Since then I have come to know the country as a paradise and the people as hospitable. However, I also saw the downside; poverty and inequality take hold of me. Volunteering is a great way to contribute to this, but in a responsible and sustainable way. I contribute with great enthusiasm to this important vision of Think Volunteer.


Media & content creator - Media and Culture


I have always seen it as a privilege to have the world at our feet as Westerners. Guilt towards unequal positions has always come into play when traveling and I keep looking for the "right" way to deal with it. Because of my roots on Java I feel even more connected with the Indonesian population and the downside of tourism is even more important to me. Think Volunteer responds to this and consciously uses adventurous students who want to mean something locally.


Junior developer Design, Marketing, Communication - Art, communication and Design


To develop and experience that will remain with people throughout their lives in a responsible and sustainable way. That's what I do it for! Together with Think Volunteer, I am spreading their mission in order to contribute to the awareness.


Local Coordinator


I live in Yogyakarta and study at Yogyakarta State University majoring in English Education. For my practicum 'Translation and Interpretation' I searched for an internship and I found Think Volunteer. I love social work and with Think Volunteer I learned a lot about Social work in my own country and the differences in the Netherlands. After my internship I wanted to stay involved with Think Volunteer to develop myself better and to have new experiences with people from other countries. I am glad to join this team!


Local Coordinator


I live in Yogyakarta and I know Mirthe & Zillah since four years. When I heard about Think Volunteer and their mission, I got enthusiastic and wanted to be involved. I love to meet people and to help them around in Yogyakarta. Besides working for Think Volunteer, I am a freelance translator. I am graduated from English education program faculty of teachers training and education at Sanata Dharma University.

Black †



Team Think Volunteer remembers you as a friend, a lover and a great Bahasa teacher. We are very grateful for your commitment, creativity and musicality. You are an inspiration! Rest in peace †


Marketing & Communication


All around Advisor


Photographer & Videographer


Local Project Manager & Guide

General information

Bijenkorf 74, 7559 EP Hengelo

Chamber of Commerce 73677736
RSIN number 859624973
NL17 INGB 0006 6754 48
Registered office in Ede
Founded on 11-01-2019

Additional information

Reward Policy
The board is unpaid and receives no remuneration. In this case, therefore, no attendance allowances are paid. Board members can only declare expenses incurred on behalf of the foundation.

Norm for destination income
The organization uses the 90/100 standard. This means that 90% goes to a project and/or charity. The other 10% are for the audit of the bookkeeping and annual accounts.

Other board matters
Think Volunteer is always open to strengthening policy and management. They are always open to comments and suggestions. For more information, please contact Mirthe Kroeze.


Zillah Paliama - President
Mirthe Kroeze - Secretary
Evie Camps - Treasurer
Ruben Fukur - General Board Member
Joffrey Bieleman - General Board Member / Business
Annabelle Poventud - General Board Member

Honorary Member Think Volunteer
Black Finit

We believe in the power of collaboration! Our partner are ...

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