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Rikje Sendeza HuberRikje Sendeza Huber
08:44 08 Nov 22
I am currently doing my graduation project for Think Volunteer; in my experience a very passionate and honest NGO dedicated to making a positive impact in Indonesia. I am so grateful to be able to be a part of their mission, and for them to arrange my graduation internship in Yogyakarta. Highly recommend them if you are looking for an internship or volunteer work abroad!
Annabelle PoventudAnnabelle Poventud
13:42 06 Jul 20
Thanks to Think Volunteer I was able to volunteer in a responsible way for street children in Indonesia. What I appreciated about Think Volunteer is that they highlight the importance of preparation, guidance and evaluation of the volunteer through workshops and coaching. I felt fully prepared and was able to understand and work effectively with vulnerable communities. Besides my personal development, I was driven by the impact that I was able to deliver for local people. This experience deeply touched me as a person and inspired me as a student. I fully recommend Think Volunteer and thank them for this life changing experience.Annabelle (French)
Giovanni BlankendalGiovanni Blankendal
15:24 17 Jan 20
Had a great experience in Indonesia through Think Volunteer, really enjoyed my internship period. They prepared us well with a workshop and could always rely on the team. Yogyakarta also a great city!
Evie CampsEvie Camps
14:03 17 Jan 20
Thanks to Think Volunteer I had a fantastic experience in Indonesia! The organization helps to find and arrange volunteer work and/or internship in Indonesia.Before the volunteer/trainee can start doing the work, he first receives training. You can also contact them during work with questions and do interim evaluations. That way you can assume that you can really mean something and that you are doing responsible volunteer work.A wonderful experience that I will always remember!
Ruben FukurRuben Fukur
10:35 16 Jan 20
This organization was really helpful for my internship in Indonesia. They arranged two projects where I could fill in my internship. One in West-Sumatra and one in Yogyakarta. Because of Think Volunteer, I had the time of my life! So I would recommend Think Volunteer to anyone who wants to do an internship, minor, volunteering or research in Indonesia!


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