I have experienced your help as accessible and pleasant, helpful and useful contact. It was fun, but when I need you in the field of internship or when I came across something I felt a professional approach. I am enormously grateful for this experience!


I enjoyed my time in Yogyakarta! This is because I look back with satisfaction on my period at the project. That we had a nice group of girls together and did fun things together. But it is also because of you Think Volunteer! Thank you so much for your help and of course the fun that came with it!


I had a wonderful time in Indonesia. The organisation was very nice to work with, people who really care about what they do. I also want to thank you Think Volunteer, very much. I think you are partly responsible for this. You are doing a great job and hope it will stay that way in the future. Thanks for everything!


I had a great time in Indonesia. In the beginning I had to get used to the different culture and environment, but after a few weeks I could really appreciate this. The people are all super helpful and nice, this also made me getting used to this process faster. It took a while before I could find my place in my project, but after I had a clear plan and goal for myself, it all happened naturally.


For me it was an experience for life! The coaching hours meant a lot because it really helped us! Also because we were together a lot during the workshop, but also because you also interacted with us in an informal way and we also did fun things together in addition to volunteering, I felt very much like home! Thanks again ladies!


I am very happy with my choice to work with Think Volunteer. I have gained so many great experiences and learned a lot from this project. Thank you very much for all the help / guidance! Think Volunteer is a great organisation. Keep on going and hopefully you will see me again soon.


My amazing internship as a physiotherapist has come to an end. All thanks to the wonderful people at the project, truly touching experience treating these beautiful children. Think Volunteer thank you for making it happen, being so helpful and welcoming, genuine girls that I couldn’t recommend more!


I would like to say a massive thank you for the chance and time you have given to me to join your team as an intern. It was just three months but I can say that I have learned a lot from what I was doing during the program was in progress. Think Volunteer showed me a new world, I didn’t know anything about Social Work and these vulnerable targetgroups you work with. I assume that what you guys do is a wonderful job and I can see that its very sincere and meaningful. I feel more open minded and creative in so many ways now. I wish Think Volunteer to grow very very big and become one of the most prestigous organization of social work. Thousands of people can trust it and Im glad I got the chance to be a part of it and still will in the future!


Think Volunteer is een goede organisatie die helpt bij het vinden van passend vrijwilligerswerk. Naast dat ze goed werk voor je vinden, helpen ze je ook met alle dingen erom heen. Think Volunteer heeft voor mij een huis gevonden en geholpen met het huren van een scooter. Ook geven ze je voordat je begint met het werk een training en leer je de basis van de taal. Tijdens de maanden dat je in Indonesië bent kom je regelmatig samen om over je ervaringen en eventuele problemen te praten, zo kan je het beste uit je werk halen. Ik ben enorm blij dat ik via Think Volunteer vrijwilligerswerk heb gevonden, je hebt gelijk een basis in het fantastische Indonesië!


Greatest organization who help the volunteers and students in a very professional way. Very effective for our project and children in Indonesia! The team is always available for our team!


Ik heb vrijwilligerswerk via Think Volunteer gedaan en het was al met al een positieve ervaring voor mij. Ik vond de begeleiding heel erg goed en durf te zeggen dat zij zich hierin onderscheiden van de andere vrijwilligersorganisaties. Think Volunteer is heel persoonlijk en staan echt naast je, dit maakte het gehele wenproces in Indonesië een stuk gemakkelijker.