Guidelines for Responsible Volunteering: Our Checklist!

1. Which organization do I choose when I travel?
  • Working abroad with children?

Then check whether the organization correctly complies with the Guidelines of Better Care Network !

  • For all other target groups

Guidelines Think Volunteer
We are currently conducting research. We have researched what travelers find most important when
they are going to do volunteer work abroad. We hereby present the results of this research. *note, this research is in Dutch.

2. What makes you a good volunteer/trainee?
  • You are aware of why you want to go abroad and what role you have as a volunteer or intern.
  • You have read about the guidelines and you will prepare yourself through the academy.
  • You are deployed on your qualities and abilities and you are aware of your pitfalls.
  • You know which competencies are important and are willing to develop yourself (and your competencies) and to reflect on yourself.
  • You are open and curious about a different culture and you are willing to adapt.
  • You have a respectful attitude.
  • You are supportive, but never a replacement of the staff.
  • You never take on caring responsibilities. You leave this to the permanent staff.
  • A good way to deliver impact is to share knowledge, do research or (demand-oriented) implement something new.
3. Preparation and Guidance
  • It is important to prepare and obtain tools before a volunteer or student starts working abroad. The following topics are important:

-Information about the project you will be working with: practicalities, rules, expectations.
-Background information about the target audience
-Culture & religion
-Ethics & Dilemmas
-What is sustainability?
-The development of the volunteer

  • If you are going to work with children or vulnerable target groups:

-Social work & Pedagogy
-Children's rights and needs
-What to watch out for

  • Guidance during a foreign experience is important.

The volunteer or student must always be able to fall back on a contact person, attention must be paid to the process and the development of the participant, and reflection on one's own actions is central when working with vulnerable target groups.

The Think Volunteer Academy ensures proper preparation and guidance.