Same Lockdown, Different Impact

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Our goal

In cooperation with Dreamhouse and Ikganaarbali, we want to support vulnerable Indonesians during the corona pandemic by providing them with food parcels, soap, disinfectants, masks and vitamins & minerals. The aim is to make an impact both economically and in terms of health during the corona crisis.

Target Group: Most vulnerable people in Indonesia starving due to corona virus

This is a temporary action: Donate to this temporary action! If you choose to donate monthly, we will inform you when we close the funding. You can then stop your monthly donation immediately or support one of our other causes.

We want to raise €10,000 for this cause


Imagine a corona pandemic where you do not have the opportunity to wash your hands and you do not have enough money for food & drink.
As you know, the COVID-19 crisis is not only a health crisis, but also an economic crisis. Many people are temporarily out of work or have been laid off. Whereas in Europe we have a social safety net, for vulnerable people in Indonesia this crisis means no work, no income and therefore no food and drink.

As with any crisis, it hits the vulnerable hardest who have no access to medical care and no support from the government.
For them, it is not only a question of how to deal with the virus, but also how to get food the next day. Lack of knowledge and not being able to buy disinfectants does not improve hygiene: this results in communities where the population cannot wash their hands at the time of the corona pandemic.


We have already been able to help more than 300 families during the coronapandemic! To help more people, we need your support! The corona pandemic is not over yet and unfortunately, delivering this emergency aid will not solve it either. But this emergency aid will provide enough vitamins, minerals, food and less stress. Together with you, we will provide a little bit of hope, because they deserve that, don't they?

Through education and the distribution of preventive materials, we can improve hygiene and therefore reduce health risks.

On radio and television!

We were allowed to tell our story on FunX and RTV-Oost. We were invited to explain what we are raising money for. Hopefully we managed to generate more awareness for the most vulnerable people in Indonesia. For the blog click: here!


Indonesia Nederland Youth Society have put together gift boxes which people could buy. In these gift-boxes were, among other things, Think Volunteer souvenirs. After this action Indonesia Netherlands Youth Society donated €250,- for our action #strongtogether !

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