Service explanation

Service explanation

Our service is focused on customisation. After a personal intake, we look for an internship, research or minor place that suits you. We listen to your wishes and the requirements of your education.

Preparation and guidance

We provide advice and information. We ensure that everything you need is arranged before and after departure. If you experience problems during your internship, at your accommodation or regard to something else, we are always ready to support you. We also give you great tips & tricks and advice on tours and journeys through Indonesia.


The workshop is an essential part of this internship and attendance is required. The workshop consists of five sessions. By following this workshop you prepares yourself for the work that you will carry out at the local project.
During the workshop we will delve into:
– The introduction of your project
– Social Work and Educational theory
– Better Care Network
– Culture and religion
– Ethics and dilemmas
– Sustainable Projects
– Your strengths and pitfalls
– The Indonesian language

As an addition to the workshop we will try to guide you as much as possible. You will get an introduction day where you get to meet other volunteers and get prepared for the project you are going to work for. We will focus on your qualities and how we can use them into practice. You will be linked to a Social Worker, who will guide you through volunteer work or internship. During your time in this foreign country, you can experience certain difficulties, for examples: culture shock, different norms and values and wrong expectations. With the so-called ‘supervision’, we let you think and reflect on experienced situations which touched you or got you thinking. By reflecting on your thoughts and acts you will get more self-knowledge which is good for your personal development, this could be helpful by understanding situations better. At the end of your time in Indonesia, we will look back and evaluate.

Donation to the project

10% of the program costs goes directly to the organisation/project where you are placed as a volunteer. In this way, the volunteer indirectly contributes to the investments needed for that project and thereby stimulates the development of the local community.
The amount that goes to the project serves the following purposes:
– Construction of schools and activity centers
– Teaching material to support lessons and activities, such as: pens, paper, notebooks, colored pencils.
– Healthy food
– Personal development of the local population: When children need a little extra help or have a large talent, we would like to support these children or offer them the opportunity to further develop this talent.


We arrange your accommodation according to your wishes. Do you want a nice room that meets Western standards, or even with a swimming pool? Or would you like to live with a host family? We arrange it for you.

Help with visa

We support you arranging your visa. We provide sponsorship and arrange the correct documents that you need when applying for a visa. You will also receive support with the extension of your visa in Indonesia.

Help with scooter rental

Most students choose to rent a scooter so that they can go wherever they want. Our team ensures that the students get a good preparation before they hit the road. Traffic is more chaotic in Indonesia than in the Netherlands, but a very nice experience!
* There are other options for students who do not want to rent a scooter.

Pick up

Upon arrival in Indonesia you will be picked up from the airport and taken to your accommodation.

Welcome package

A handy package on arrival with necessary information and handy items!


In addition to the wifi that you get at your accommodation, it is handy that you can be reached everywhere on your phone. That is why you will receive a SIM card with internet from us. You will also receive a manual on how you can upgrade it.

Assistance on your first day at your project

With all the new impressions during your first weeks in Indonesia, it is certainly nice to have guidance to your first internship day. Our fluent Indonesian-English-Dutch speaking team can help you with making your first contacts at your internship.

24/7 support available in case of emergency

In case of emergencies we can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are sick and need to see a doctor, we are on standby. You don’t have to worry that doctors or nurses don’t understand you or vice versa, our team can support you in this.


We regularly organise trips and activities during your semester. Think of drinks / dinners, workshops, climbing a volcano or visiting a tropical island!