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Why Think Volunteer Academy?

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Responsible travel and volunteering with a positive impact. That's what the Think Volunteer Academy is all about. It is the new platform of Think Volunteer that is still under development. The Think Volunteer Academy will become a digital learning platform to improve internationally responsible volunteering. The platform is ultimately available to both travel organizations and the volunteer or traveler themselves.

Good preparation and guidance is central to the Think Volunteer Academy. A sustainable and positive impact is guaranteed by means of courses, training and coaching. It is essential that the needs of the volunteer and/or the traveler and the local target group are taken into account. In this way you ultimately contribute as a volunteer or traveler.

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Today, no country is too far. Traveling is popular, especially among young people. Many are interested in volunteering during their trip, the so-called 'voluntourism’. At first sight a nice development. Nevertheless, research, knowledge and experience show that in many cases voluntary work is far from responsible, even though we mainly work with vulnerable target groups. Also see: our research.

The volunteer often benefits more from short-term and unprepared volunteering than the target group itself, which goes beyond all goals of international volunteering. Take, for example, social projects in a non-Western country, which are run from a Western country. It often results in poor or no preparation regarding the interests, needs, culture and other factors of the local target group. This has a negative impact of volunteering as a result.

International Volunteering Opportunities
Every reason to focus on improving responsible international volunteering. There is sufficient knowledge to allow volunteers to travel responsibly. With the requirement of good preparation. There are many great opportunities here. Think Volunteer builds on these opportunities and faces the challenge of making international volunteering more responsible, in order to stimulate a positive impact and counteract a negative impact. How? The following points are important:

  1. Preparation: Proper preparation for volunteers is essential
  2. Guidance: Proper guidance for volunteers is essential
  3. Technology: Technology can make a good contribution to forming a platform. The Think Volunteer Academy is therefore a digital platform.
  4. Collaboration: Knowledge sharing and collaboration with local projects is an important requirement

How does the Think Volunteer Academy work?

When you have access to our platform, you can follow different modules and pass courses. The modules are linked to you based on the purpose of your trip. When you have passed a course you will receive a badge. If you have completed the entire preparation process and have followed the necessary coaching (if applicable), you will receive the official certificate!

You can use a coach when you travel. You can maintain contact with the coach, other (former) travelers, volunteers and students via the application, the online forum and the chat.

Take a look at the drop-down menus below. As you can see, the Think Volunteer Academy offers three main components:

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For who is the Think Volunteer Academy?

For Volunteers

Learn all about volunteering at Think Academy and travel responsibly. Gaining knowledge is central to the Academy. Volunteers and students receive the right tools to travel responsibly. This not only contributes to personal development, but also coaching to deliver a positive impact is just as important. research shows that there is a need for a platform like this among students and (future) volunteers. Are you joining?

For Travel Organizations

Together with us, ensure that vulnerable target groups are effectively helped and protected and that volunteers travel safely, prepared and responsibly. We use the platform to bundle knowledge and experience that we would like to share with you and your participants. Students and volunteers receive the preparation and guidance they need to get started abroad in the right way. Are you joining?

Affiliated Travel Organizations

The following travel companies use the Think Volunteer Academy to contribute to responsible volunteering with a positive impact.

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