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We Are Looking For Support, Will You Join Us?

Together with Think Charity you can help with the problems listed above. With a small contribution you can ensure that underprivileged people, and animals, have a better future. Think Charity is a micro funding platform where we offer project support on various themes: social work, health, education, animals, and nature. These basic investments are necessary to deliver a sustainable impact for the vulnerable target groups, in collaboration with many Indonesian projects that are experts in every area of focus. For example, imagine giving a disadvantaged child the opportunity to go to school. This child can find work after his/her education and can take better care of their future family. Together with you, we deliver a great impact on a micro level. We have the actions listed below. Get involved and make a big impact with your donation. Choose for which purpose you want to donate. In the registration form you can indicate where the donated money will go. Support the cause that matters to you by making a one-time donation, becoming a Think Volunteer friend, or becoming an ambassador!

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No Preference For Which Purpose You Want To Donate To? Donate Here!

Please indicate under "message": "one-time donation" or "monthly donation" or "annual donation". If you choose a monthly or annual donation, our team will get in contact with you.


Do You Want To Support Us And Our Valuable Projects?

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Do you want to contribute financially by means of a monthly/annual donation? Then become a friend of Think Charity!

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We are looking for ambassadors!

What exactly does an ambassador do?As an ambassador you use your qualities to support the mission of Think Volunteer. You can already contribute in a simple way, without being tied to any obligations! 

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Our Foundation Has The ANBI Status

The Think Volunteer Foundation has an ANBI status. Our foundation is therefore recognized by the tax authorities as a public benefit institution (ANBI).

Our donors are allowed to deduct their donations from income or corporation tax. 

In addition, this means that we do not pay any inheritance tax or gift tax on gifts and inheritances that we use for our purpose.

Since the 29th of October, 2020, we have an official ANBI status. This under the RSIN number 859624973.

Do you want to view our registration with the tax authorities? Click on the link below to go to the site of the Tax Authorities. Then enter “Think Volunteer” and at Institution “Hengelo'' – Search ANBI” program →→

For companies and organizations we offer "Business friend". Get in contact with us!

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Why Think Charity?

We are involved, on location, transparent and responsible.
At Think Charity you know that the money contributes to concrete goals that will have a major impact!
Think Volunteer is directly involved with local projects. This way we know the needs and how we can respond to it in the best way possible.

  • Think Charity provides clarity about what happens to your money. We are on location and involved. With Think Charity there is control.
  • All funds and resources raised contribute to the future-proofing and self-reliance of local projects and organizations in Indonesia.
  • Curious about what we have already achieved? Then take a quick look here: Impact Think Charity.