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Get the most out of your volunteer work or internship with the Think Charity Crowdfunding Platform! In addition to your work abroad, you can involve your network and raise money for the organization where you will be working or support a completely different cause.

Think Charity is a platform where you can raise money for your own charitable initiative to create a positive impact and help those in need.

We charge a platform fee of 10% (of the total amount raised), you keep all donations for your charity, create unlimited campaigns and receive guidance for your initiative!

Does your crowdfunding meet the following conditions?

  • You collect money for an organization or project abroad
  • Your action relates to one of the following themes: social work, health, education and animals and nature.
  • You are currently active or will soon be joining the organization for which you will be raising money
  • You are raising money for a cause with a positive impact on a micro level

 Foto van een kind bij een vervuilde rivier

Total Amount Raised

With Think Charity we have been able to start many projects in recent years with which we could contribute financially at a micro level. In total we raised the following amount through temporary and ongoing projects!


Impact 2021 - Storm in Kupang

A sudden storm in Kupang has devastated many. Houses, shops, hospitals, cars, churches, etc. have been damaged and effected. Because of this storm we, Think Charity, had to act quickly and was able to set up a fundraiser within a day in collaboration with our local partner Dreamhouse. Within 4 days, €492 was collected which we immediately sent to the problems with the most priority. With this money we were then able to deliver the following impact:

  • Buying roofs (seng) so that houses could no longer be flooded with rain. The amount of water from the storm was enough to reach people’s belly buttons, indoors… 
  • Traditional walls, so privacy could be restored!
  • 3 Large water containers so that an entire village could use clean water again for showering, cooking and drinking.

Foto van mensen die hun gemeenschap herbouwen die is getroffen door de storm in Kupang

Client Testimonial

"This organization made me realize that there is enough possible to make the world a little bit better. You just have to delve into what is possible and what you want to commit to. I think it's a great organization that contributes to a better world. If you also want to make a difference, you can easily donate to a project that appeals to you."

Lea, Think Charity Client

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