Internship or a minor in Indonesia

Internship or minor in Indonesia, social work field (18+)

Think Volunteer’s social projects will take you to vulnerable areas of Indonesia. You will live and work for a period of at least three months in Indonesia. An experience that will give you a wider perspective of the world. A great adventure that will last a life time.

Think Volunteer provides support to students who want to do a minor to specialise in different subjects. We are happy to guide you to design the options for this free minor. We assist in making a plan that suits you well and that meets the requirements of your study.

Examples of activities within an internship:

• Teaching
• Pre-school and after-school care
• Accompaniment
• Homework support
• Involve the network
• Space for your own creativity
• Offering activities, interventions
• Organizational tasks
• Supervising volunteers
• Fundraising

We coörperate with universities in the Netherlands, as: Saxion University, Hanze University en Tio University.

What does the workshop entail?

The workshop is an essential part of this internship and attendance is required. The workshop consists of five sessions. By following this workshop you prepares yourself for the work that you will carry out at the local project.
During the workshop we will delve into:
– The introduction of your project
– Social Work and Educational theory
– Better Care Network
– Culture and religion
– Ethics and dilemmas
– Sustainable Projects
– Your strengths and pitfalls
– The Indonesian language

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The internship or minor focuses on your learning objectives and together we look at how we best can apply your qualities in practice. You are supervised by an internship supervisor from Think Volunteer, with whom you have coaching during your internship.
You may encounter certain things during an internship abroad. Examples of this are a culture shock, different norms and values and wrong expectations. Thinking and reflecting are central to supervision. Contributed cases are made transparent and your personal development is stimulated. At the end of the internship period, we will look back and evaluate with you and the project. Think Volunteer will stay in contact with your school if necessary, to ensure that the internship position meets the requirements set by the Dutch studies.

For more information, see the Frequently asked questions: Frequently Asked questions.




Single payment
  • Internship or Volunteer placement
  • Workshop: Responsible volunteering
  • 3 x Indonesian language class
  • Coaching and guidance (3 months)
  • Certificate: Responsible volunteering
  • 24/7 available in case of emergency
  • Welcome package
  • Including donation to your organization/project!





€50 per maand

Minor guidance



€50 per month

Tour, workshops, activiteiten 
Pakket  Price € 
5 classes   35 
10 classes  57
15 classes  77 
20 classes  100 
Per class   8,00  
Pakket  Price per week €  Prijs per month € 
2 hours per week  7,50  30 
5 hours per week  12,50  50 
8 hours per week  20  80 
10 hours per week   25  100 
12 hours per week   30  120 

These amounts are based on an internship period up to a maximum of 5 months and do not include the costs for:
– Visa
– Airline ticket
– Vaccinations
– Rental of accommodation
– Rental of transport


We give you the opportunity to follow coaching meetings with others in the first three months. You will be guided by a social worker. During your experience abroad you may come across certain things. Examples of this are a culture shock, different norms and values ​​and wrong expectations.
Reflecting is most important during coaching supervision. Contributed cases are made transparent and personal development is encouraged.
During and after your internship we will look back and you will be evaluated.

If you still need a coaching program after those three months, you can do so for € 50 per month.

Minor guidance

From some studies it is not always clear what a minor entails and what the possibilities are. A minor can be a very nice educational experience that matches your development and wishes as a person. Our team is specialised in free minors. Not only because we have done a minor ourselves in Indonesia, but also because we have experience in supervising this. You get a minor example and we help you set up a plan. You receive tips & tricks and we plan a total of three sessions that can help you to put together your free minor as well as possible.

One-time € 75