Volunteerwork in Indonesia!

Volunteerwork in Indonesia (18+)

Would you like to do volunteer work in Indonesia? Do you commit to vulnerable target groups? You can help our projects in various ways. We work closely with the projects so we can respond well to the needs of the project and the target group. We also look at your qualities and wishes to make the right match!

Think Volunteer takes you to social projects in vulnerable areas. You will live and work in Indonesia for at least eight weeks. An experience that will give you a wider view of the world. And a guaranteed great adventure that you will always remember!

What does the workshop entail?

The workshop is an essential part of this internship and attendance is required. The workshop consists of five sessions. By following this workshop you prepares yourself for the work that you will carry out at the local project.
During the workshop we will delve into:
– The introduction of your project
– Social Work and Educational theory
– Better Care Network
– Culture and religion
– Ethics and dilemmas
– Sustainable Projects
– Your strengths and pitfalls
– The Indonesian language

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As an addition to the workshop we will try to guide you as much as possible. You will get an introduction day where you get to meet other volunteers and get prepared for the project you are going to work for. We will focus on your qualities and how we can use them into practice. You will be linked to a Social Worker, who will guide you through volunteer work or internship. During your time in this foreign country, you can experience certain difficulties, for examples: culture shock, different norms and values and wrong expectations. With the so-called ‘supervision’, we let you think and reflect on experienced situations which touched you or got you thinking. By reflecting on your thoughts and acts you will get more self-knowledge which is good for your personal development, this could be helpful by understanding situations better. At the end of your time in Indonesia, we will look back and evaluate.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions
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single payment
  • Internship or volunteer placement
  • Workshop: responsible volunteerwork
  • 3 x Indonesian language class
  • Coaching & Guidance (3 months)
  • Certificate: Responsible volunteering.
  • 24/7 available in case of emergency
  • Welcomepackage
  • Including donation to your organization/project!





€50 per maand

Minor begeleiding



€50 per maand

Tour, workshops, activiteiten 
Pakket  Prijs € 
5 lessen   35 
10 lessen  57 
15 lessen  77 
20 lessen  100 
Per losse les   8,00 
Pakket  Prijs per week €  Prijs per maand € 
2 uur per week  7,50  30 
5 uur per week  12,50  50 
8 uur per week  20  80 
10 uur per week   25  100 
12 uur per week   30  120 

These amounts are based on an internship period up to a maximum of 5 months and do not include the costs for:
– Visa
– Airline ticket
– Vaccinations
– Rental of accommodation
– Transport


We give you the opportunity to follow the coaching meetings with others in the first three months. You will be guided by a social worker. During your experience abroad you may come across certain things. Examples of this are a culture shock, different norms and values ​​and wrong expectations.
Reflecting will be the focus in coaching. Contributed cases are made transparent and personal development is encouraged. During and after your volunteer period we will look back and an evaluation will be advised.

If you still need a coaching program after those three months, you can do so for € 50 per month.