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Volunteering benefits

Volunteering provides a great experience for many different reasons and you might wonder what those are exactly. As you may know, our main focus is to make a positive impact with voluntourism. Therefore, we have a reasonable amount of experience that we have gathered through our programs and feedback regarding the benefits of volunteering.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should try yourself out and be the next responsible volunteer.

Step out of your comfort zone

It’s a cliché phrase but really true. For instance, during your volunteering experience, you will face unique, surprising challenges that you have to overcome. But you won’t be alone in this situation, don’t worry. Think Volunteer will be there with you every step of the way. We will prepare and guide you before and during the journey. In addition, you will have the chance to learn new skills, abilities and do things that you wouldn’t do in your normal daily life. But all of this is only going to make you stronger, more capable and adaptive over the long run. Due to the fact that Think volunteer will help everyone to focus on personal development, strengths and pitfalls. We offer coaching and supervision during your travel.

Meet with new cultures

Being a volunteer involves many advantages but we believe that getting to know new cultures and people are one of the main ones. By helping and supporting people in a developing country in a responsible way you will have the chance to get familiar with their day-to-day life. Immerse yourself in their history and have a deeper understanding of the local society.

However, you are not alone in this either. Our academy also includes many essential information, knowledge and help so when it comes to preparing and learning about the culture where you will travel.

The knowledge platform, Think Academy will become a digital learning hub in order to improve responsible volunteering internationally. The focus is on good preparation through training and coaching. It will be available to organizations and individuals as well. 

Giving is better than receiving

You probably heard this phrase. When it comes to volunteering, the whole experience is built around giving. By participating and being a voluntourist you offer your time for helping others in need. Therefore, you will have the chance to contribute to a better life and future for the locals.

To make sure you are well prepared and that you will spend your time the best way possible head over to our Think Volunteer Academy page.

Benefits of volunteering: Giving is better than receiving
Giving is better than receiving

Open the horizon of the children

As somebody coming from a totally different place, country and background you will be new, exciting and unique to the children and locals while completing your volunteer activity. Based on our experience this has a very positive effect on the children. A completely new world opens to them, gives them hope, dreams and goals to work for. However, this can only be reached if we, the volunteers are acting in a responsible manner. We have to make sure that the kids don’t feel and receive any negative impact from our activity.  

The children are excited when they meet with new people therefore you will probably make an attachment with them. But you will have to consider the cultural difference, for instance make sure to not make any promises to them since that can have a negative impact on them. Besides that, you always have to keep in mind what you are leaving once your volunteering period has come to an end. However, be aware of what this can do to a kid! Again, the Think Volunteer Academy helps you with your professional attitude while working as a volunteer with children.

Win-Win situation

In conclusion, having the chance and participating as a volunteer at Think Volunteer is a win, win situation for everyone. Because its a win for you, as you will be able to learn new things about yourself, jump over challenges, meet with new people. Furthermore dive deeper in a completely unique culture and while giving your best, you create a fantastic experience for the children and locals at the same time.

However, before we run ahead, one of the most important things before you choose and decide is preparation. That’s exactly why we have created Think Volunteer Academy. It prepares and educates you on the most essential topics so you can benefit the most when volunteering.

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